Next meeting will be held

December  10th at the Janesville VFW at 10 AM 

Club membership meeting

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The 2022 Color Cruise was a great time!

We had over 25 cars show up 
The group was fantastic, and Doug had created a creative/beautiful route for everyone's enjoyment
back roads and small side roads made the tour a moderately low speed tour everybody enjoyed
We had stops at a few taverns and a winery (with great wood fired Pizza) then on
to Evansville and finally back to Janesville.
It was a great time and we picked up a few new members to boot.
All of you that had excuses for missing the last event really missed a great cruise.
Thank you to everyone who joined us on our adventure and hope you had a great time also.
You are all welcome to join us as full dues paying members
our yearly $25.00 membership fee for you and your significant other
allows us to sponsor events like these as well
as our summer Cruise nights and our Veterans benefit Car show.  
Thank you, Doug for all the hard work
A special thanks to Del and Pam for running sweeper and helping a couple of participants 
who had a less than stellar afternoon
Everyone was rescued and received assistance to be sure they got home safely.
Now we are on to planning next year's agenda
Be sure to attend the membership meeting for the next few months
to be part of the planning and execution of our 2023 agenda.
now is the time to be present and accounted for 


 Membership meeting information

We are launching a new initiative to try and become more organized and hopefully distribute the work 
more evenly by forming workgroups to be responsible for specific aspects of our events.
we will be asking all members to step up and help us make this club grow stronger and more successful.
The list is just being compiled but some examples might include

Registration group
Parking control group
Entertainment group
Food sales group
Awards group
Membership group
Communications group

None of these groups should demand more than a few hours of your time during an event.
When we host an event, it should be upon all of us to provide the work and funding required to make it successful
all of our members should be doing some part of the work at the event. 
We would love to be able to say every one of our dues paying members
have stepped up and are doing their part to help the club become 
Bigger and better and more inclusive to the younger generations of auto enthusiasts
As we grow and look to expand our venues, we will need all your help to be sure our events are 
Enjoyable and successful.


If anyone is interested in heading up a Summer picnic, we will put that into motion. We have a beautiful location and gracious hosts willing to let us utilize their park like setting for parking and a party.