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Aug 13th at the Janesville VFW at 10 AM 

Club membership meeting

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The July Cruise night gathered around 200 to 225 cars for the event.
I think everyone had a great time and was an astounding look into the thriving car culture here in the Janesville
and surrounding area. Thanks to all who attended and everyone for their efforts to make it a resounding success.

There were the usual complaints from a few about lack of cruising and the street changes, but they were two or three out of approximately 300 attendees. all in all, not bad. I think everyone enjoys having an event to get their beautiful rides out of the garage and into the spotlight. The streets are open for cruising and if you choose not to because of whatever reason then that's your choice. I am pretty sure gas prices have a lot to do with it.  

We all still had a great night out on the town!

We have secured a very nice parking area next to the town square along with the park and city parking 
this allows us to park around 200 cars for the event. Huge thank you to the Janesville YMCA for use of their parking area.
 Ardel Wolter has committed to providing sound and music for the remaining cruise night.

The Marine Corp League will be serving food at the cruise nights.


If anyone is interested in heading up a Summer picnic, we will put that into motion. We have a beautiful location and gracious hosts willing to let us utilize their park like setting for parking and a party. 

Over the following days / weeks I will be reconstructing the club website due to security breeches at Godaddy hosting facilities
I have found some things in the user database I am unsure of so my fix is to just erase everything and rebuild form the ground up to be sure we were not compromised 

Please be patient as I reconstruct the site 
I will do my best to keep club updates posted here and on the facebook pages