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Please go to the Facebook page and vote
for your preferred date to hold our Club Sponsored
Holiday Party
Its a free dinner if you are an up to date dues paying member.
 listed on our membership application form


We had a good membership meeting today and started the planning for next years events and we are finishing up the choices for our upcoming holiday party.

We decided that next year we are going back to June, July and August cruise nights downtown and in place of the other 3 cruises we will be doing a cruise to Gus's drive in and the color cruise in the fall and possibly another cruise type of event.

the September and October cruise ins were a bust, it was cold and rainy and attendance was very sparse because there are to many competing events in that summer end time frame for us to continue them. besides the weather at that time of the year is always questionable.

we are planning a holiday party for all dues paying members this would be a sit down type of event with the club treasury funding the meals for all dues paying members. I will get some dates when we can get someone to accommodate us for the evening.
we are going back and forth about a banquet sit down dinner at a local restaurant or the Rogers have volunteered to cook everything the club will furnish meal wise and hope has volunteered to bring deserts. right now it will depend on the dates we can find at the VFW or restaurant.

i was told today the bridge project downtown is to be finished up in April of 2020 but should be open for traffic this winter. so hopefully next year we can again pack the downtown with cars and people for our cruise nights where we can actually cruise the downtown streets again FINALLY.

I will get back to you and we will be doing a Poll to see what dates will work for all of you.
We will be asking a 15 or 20 dollar deposit to hold your place for the dinner which we will refund upon your arrival.
Sorry to have to do this but we need a commitment on attendance before we invest time and money into an event where we do not know how many will show up. 


CCCC is a social club formed in 2016 to build friendships and further our members interest in automobile get together's, cruising locally as well as destination cruise's, car shows and in general sharing our love of all things automotive. We are a diverse group made up of all age groups and mechanical abilities, we are young and old, rich and poor, mechanics and simply owners.Our common thread is we love cars and trucks and bikes, the glue that holds us all together is holding Cruise nights in the downtown Janesville area on the 2nd Saturday of each month from June throughout the summer until October. We do a few destination cruises each season generally it's an all day affair driving nearly a couple of hundred miles with multiple rest stops and breaks and gas stops. We also hold our annual Car Show with proceeds being donated to local War Veterans through designated 501C3 registered organizations dedicated to helping these deserving Veterans.If this sounds like something you might like to be involved with please stop at one of our monthly meetings, we would love to meet you and share our love of all things automotive.